Artisan Bread by Jan Hedh

Jan Hedh has spent several years working to develop the art of baking bread in Sweden. He is also a partner in the artisan bakery Peter's Yard. Jan Hedh has collected recipes for the types of bread he particularly likes, mainly plain breads such as loaves baked with sourdough, baguettes and ciabattas, bagels and pita bread, dinkel bread and chestnut bread, artichoke bread, bilberry bread, lemon bread and rye bread - but also English muffins, French chocolate bread and apple cake from the south of Sweden.

We learn the basics for baking really good bread. What you must think about, which sorts of flour to use, how to make a sourdough, how to get the bread to rise in a basket form or wrapped in a kitchen towel (instead of on a baking plate) so it will be higher as well as more beautiful, how to knead the dough - for longer than you think! - and oven times and temperatures.

We get the hottest tips from the master baker for certain succes: how to bake bread with lots of taste and aroma. The secret is sourdough and long rising times!

He explains how we, too, at home in our own kitchens, can make bread as good as that made by professional bakers with their stone ovens. Just like in Jan Hedh's previous books, Bread is for amateur and professional alike. The book is instructive and inspiring, full of facts and breathtakingly beautiful - a book for all who love to bake.

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